Vitamin D3 + K2 Liquid Drops In Pakistan

Vitamin D3 + K2 Liquid Drops In Pakistan

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Vitamin D3 + K2 Liquid Drops In Pakistan

Category : Skin Care
Size : 30Ml
Made In : Usa
Shipping : 2 - 3 Business Days (in Pakistan)
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Product Description

Live Wise Naturals Vitamin D3 with K2 Liquid Drops, All Natural, Non GMO, 1208IU D3 and 25mcg K2 (MK7) Per Serving, Strengthen Bones, Boost Immune System and Energy Levels

OUR VITAMIN D3 IS UNIQUE BECAUSE it contains Vitamin K2 as well – an ingredient thatâ€s ESSENTIAL FOR PROPER D3 ABSORPTION and utilization. While Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption, K2 ensures that the calcium is USED WHERE ITâ€S NEEDED – like in the BONES and TEETH, not the arteries and kidneys. Vitamin K2 also regulates the amount of calcium used by the body, DISCOURAGING CALCIUM BUILDUP and PREVENTING BLOOD CLOTS.
NON-GMO and SUSTAINABLY SOURCED – with ZERO FILLERS! With a base of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, our Vitamin D drops contain no unnecessary binders, flow agents or preservatives. We THIRD-PARTY TEST all of our formulas to ensure there are NO PESTICIDES, herbicides, and heavy metals in our products. Sourced, formulated, and MADE IN THE USA.
To maintain and improve cognitive function. Optimal D3/K2 levels are crucial to maintain health at all ages.*

1 review for "Vitamin D3 + K2 Liquid Drops In Pakistan"

Hina khan - Jan-04-2024

Been on this for 3 days. Take 4 drops per day. My Vit D Level is at 30.8. I have been feeling severely fatigued for at least 5.5 years. I have gained 80lbs. If I didnt have a job, all I would do is sleep. If you like peppermint, this flavor is good. Highly recommend!! At BuyTeleShop

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