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Water Zoom the revolutionary power wash wand that turns any garden hose into a light weight portable power pressure washer!
Water zoom makes cleaning anything fast and easy!
Blast away mold, mildew, dirt and debris from paving, bricks and garden furniture
Now you can wash all the second floor windows without a ladder!
Water Zoom uses revolutionary water compression technology to create a jet blast from an ordinary garden hose.
Tired of trying to power clean with an ordinary low pressure garden hose? Just attach Water Zoom to the hose, turn on the water and twist to the desired water pressure and cleaning power.
Instantly you’ve got a power wash wand in the palm of your hand that cleans like a machine.
Add the fan spray attachment tip and you’ve got a wider, softer spray to power clean wooden decks and railings without soaps, brooms, or brushes.
POWER WASH wood fences and make them look new again. Use the Zoom to blast away dirt, leaves, twigs and lawn clippings and power wash away any job you used to dread around the house.
Dial down for an even softer spray for all of the flowers in your garden.
Main unit
Hose adaptor
2 spray tips ( Jet and Fan nozzle )
FREE Attachable Soap Dispenser + Brush Head Kit

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