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Get ripped arms and sculpted chest with the As Seen On TV Shake Weight For Men. Use the revolutionary 5 lbs shake weight to shape and tone your chest muscles, biceps, triceps, and shoulders. This shake dumbbell utilizes a new workout technology called dynamic inertia that increases muscle activity by more than 300 percent compared to traditional weights. It contracts your muscles up to 240 times per minute. Spend just 6 minutes with this shake dumbbell and burn as much energy as you would in 42 minutes with a standard dumbbell. Get this shake dumbbell and experience what the dynamic inertia technology can do for you. It also includes workout DVD to get you started.
As Seen On TV Shake Weight for Men:
Get incredible results in just 6 minutes a day
Designed specifically for men
Weight: 5 lbs
Includes workout DVD
Easy to use
High-intensity, rapid-fire muscle reaction
Works for all fitness levels
An independent, scientific study shows dramatic increase in EMG-measured muscle activity

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