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The Neckline Slimmer As Seen On Tv Will Help You Tighten And Tone Your Neck, Chin And Face The Quick, Easy, Pain-Free Way. Neckline Slimmer Does For Your Neckline What Exercise Does For Your Body, Making You Look And Feel Younger. Redefine Your Profile, Reduce Facial Sagging And Take Years Off Your Appearance! The Secret Is In Its Three Resistance Levels That Gently Firm The Underlying Muscles Of The Neck And Tighten Skin At The Same Time For A Dramatic Lift. Enjoy Age-Defying Results By Using Just Two Minutes A Day! Includes Neckline Slimmer, 3 Power Coils, Carry Bag And Instructions. With The Neckline Slimmer From Paul Younane, You Can Reverse The Effects Of Aging Without Cosmetic Surgery. It Is The World's First Resistance Toning System For The Neck, Chin And Face. In Just 2 Minutes A Day You Can Have Dramatic Results. Neckline Slimmer Will Give Your Face A Lift Resulting In Tighter And Firmer Skin. It Eliminates Sagging Skin And Can Reduce A Double-Chin Or Neck Folds. The Neckline Slimmer Does For Your Neckline What Exercise Does For Your Body, Making You Look And Feel Younger. Neckline Slimmer As Seen On Tv Includes Three Levels Of Resistance Springs. About Paul Younane - Paul Younane Is The Professional Body Coach. He Heads Up The Professional Body Company, Specializing In Body Sculpting Programs, Personal Fitness And Exercise Equipment Designed To Transform The Way We Look, Move And Feel. His Ambition Is To Transform Our Bodies By Radically Changing The Way We Think About Fitness And The Way We Train. As An Ex-Professional Rugby League Player, Turned Pe Teacher And Now A Fully Qualified Physiotherapist, Paul Has A Specialist Understanding Of Bio-Mechanics (the Way The Body Moves) And Understands The Science Behind The Training. Paul Played Professional Rugby League In Sydney Australia And For Warrington In The Uk Between 1979 And 1985. He Completed His Physiotherapist Degree At Sydney University In 1990, And Went On To Set Up Physio-Fitness Centers In London And Southern England. Paul Has A Rare Combination Of Clinical, Teaching And Physical Training Skills That Uniquely Position Him In The Fitness Industry As A Specialist Body Trainer. This Unique Skill Set Differentiates Paul And He Is Known As The Professional Body Coach. His Dynamic Personality And Drive To Succeed Motivates All Those Around Him To Do The Same. How Does It Work? The Neckline Slimmer Targets And Tones The Underlying Muscles Of Your Neck, Chin And Cheek Area By Applying Gentle Resistance. Just Like Every Other Muscle In Your Body - Whether It Be Your Abs, Butt Or Thighs - Your Facial Muscles Need Exercise. We All Know The Benefits Of Resistance Exercises Like Crunches And Curls. Think Of The Neckline Slimmer In Exactly The Same Way, Only Easier. What Exercises Do You Do With The Neckline Slimmer? There Are Two Main Exercises: One For The Neck Muscles And One For The Chin And Cheeks. They Provide The Range Of Motion And Resistance Necessary To Firm And Lift The Neckline. How Does Exercise Slim Your Neck? The Neckline Slimmer Simply Applies The Principles Of Resistance Training To The Neck, Chin And Cheeks. As The Underlying Muscles Firm And Lift So Does The Skin. This Is Because The Muscles Of The Neck And Face Are Inextricably Linked To The Skin By Connective Tissue Called Facia. The Neckline Slimmer Gives You A Natural Neck Lift And Makes You Look Years Younger. It Is A Fast And Easy Anti-Aging Method That Will Take Years Off Your Appearance. Why Is Resistance Training Important To Looking Young? Resistance Training Is The Key To Toning And Shaping Every Muscle In Your Body. When Muscles Are Toned They Lift And Hold Their Shape. This Is Because Resistance Training Challenges Your Muscles So That More Fibers In Each Muscle Become Active. It’S Like Turning The Volume Control Up On Your Muscles. Instead Of Volume, However, The Muscle Tone Is What You Increase. Then, Even At Rest, Your Muscle Tone Remains Raised So You Always Keep Your Shape. Resistance Training Is The Most Effective And Natural Way To Look And Feel Younger.

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