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This set includes: 1 x Winch 1 x Crank cover 1 x crank-base 1 x Mix Tank 1 x transparent cover 2 x blade inserts The Nicer Twist ingredients can chopped, stirred, beaten, mashed and crushed - without effort and as you wish! Hand crank you have "it in their own hands" if you want a fine or coarse result - the perfect cutting-control! The Nicer Twist fast and safe working is guaranteed! It is ideal for preparing dips, sauces, ice cream, herbs, fillings, mince, potato pancakes and much more! Winch: Easy, effortless handling and cutting absolute control! Fast and targeted work with consistently perfect results! Mix Tank: Integrated guide mandrels for secure fastening of blade inserts! Capacity: 1,250 ml Direct collection of the shredded food for clean and simple crushing! Transparent cover: Stabilization of the blade inserts for a safe and effective way of working! Filler opening for flexible addition of liquids, spices, etc. Protection against splashes on clothing or work area! Blade inserts: Each equipped with three sharp saber blades for perfect results! Crushing even the most sensitive foods in no time!

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