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Car Power Inverter 1000 Watt Car Power Inverter 1000 Watt 1000 WATT 1000W Car DC 12V to AC 110V Power Inverter Charger Converter + USB NEW Item Description: Why should I choose a modified-sine ware inverter? Modified-sine wave and square wave inverters are the most popular types of power inverters. Modified-sine wave power inverters produce a power wave which is sufficient for most devices. The power wave is not exactly the same as electricity from the power mains. It has a wave form that appears as a choppy squared-off wave when viewed by an oscilloscope. This item is much more economical product compared with the true-sine wave power inverters which is normally over USD400 in the market. Features: 2 AC Outlets Automatic Thermal Shutdown Overload Protection Extra Surge Capacity Low Battery Alarm/Shut Off Reverse Polarity Protection Built-in Cooling Fan Note: this is NOT a true sine ware inverter. This item can’t power the true sine ware equipment for example: printer, drill, etc Sepcifications: output power: 1000W Peak power: 2000W Power factor of the load: 0.8 Voltage Input Range: 10.5-15 V DC Voltage Output: 110V - 130V AC Output Frequency: 60 Hz ± 2 Hz Output voltage: 110V-130V frequency: 60 ± 2HZ waveform: modified sine wave Input Voltage: 10-15V Under voltage form: 10.4-11.0V Off low pressure: 9.7-10.3 V Shutdown over-voltage:14.5-15.5 V No-load consumption: 12V input No-load current: < 0.3A The greatest effect :> 90% Actual Size: 190*95*55 mm (7.5*3.7*2.1 in) N.W: 1043g (2.3 lb) Package Included: 1 x 1000W DC 12V to AC 110V power inverter + 5V USB PORT 1 x Car Charger adapter 2 x Crimper

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