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Neck & Shoulder QS-151 " SHIYE " unique multi tapping massager does not require the participation of your hands, which kicks off muscle pain and aches, and converts the different parts of your body into relaxation and comfort! 
Simply place the massager on your shoulders, press the start button and you're ready for a soothing and renewing massage that restores energy to your body and allow you to relax.
Percussion rhythm increases the blood circulation and relaxes tense muscles. Tapping massage improves lymphatic circulation, strengthens the immune system and relieves nervous tension, thus helping you to fall asleep faster.  
Today is really the only and unique multi tapping massager does not require participation of your hands.
See for yourself, your hands will be disabled! Simply place the massager on your shoulders and feel the fun and rhythm of tapping his massage that works on your neck and shoulders!
Use the massager to any part of your body
Put it on your tired shoulders, and you'll get immediate effect
       Sling massager back a little and you can feel the rhythmic massage that reaches mid back
Lie on your stomach and feel the rhythmic movements Neck & Shoulder QS-151 " SHIYE " on the back, giving the relaxation and comfort
       Place it around the hips, legs or knees and you can enjoy the benefits of rhythmic tapping his massage that improves blood circulation and relieves fatigue
Heat Therapy
       Feel the warmth and relaxation. Heat therapy massager not only soothe you, but will become an effective tool in stress relief and pain. Massager allows you not only to relax, its function of heat exposure effectively fights against the aches and pains of your muscles.
Benefits of Neck & Shoulder QS-151 «SHIYE»
Effectively stretches and relaxes the shoulders and neck, shooting pains and aches
Additionally can successfully knead your back, waist, abdomen, thigh and calf
Reduces muscle tension
Improves blood circulation and lymphatic flow
Lightweight and compact massager can be used by you at home and in the office
Features Neck & Shoulder QS-151 «SHIYE»
Easy to use touch panel
5 automatic massage programs
8 manual massage programs
8 different intensity levels of tapping his massage
40 unique rhythmic massage cycles
thermal therapy
Body Massager is universal - will help you to work on vital points located in different parts of the body and inject new life into the body.

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